Photocells and safe gates

There is a lot of talk about photocells - magic eyes - not being a suitable safety device for automatic gates and, although I would agree that they are not a panacea, fitted correctly they do achieve, in my opinion, a cost effective way of stopping the gate coming into contact with a pedestrian.
ministry of silly walks 1

The average height of a three-year old is 800-850mm high so in all probability beams sited at 600 mm would be unlikely to be straddled as has been suggested. In my view it is more likely that the child could successfully ride on the gate above any featured safety edge and be carried into danger! Even a fully grown man would have to emulate someone from the ministry of silly walks to straddle the beam and you’d have to seriously question why anyone would want to do that?

Gate Safe takes the view that first and foremost, all gates should be safe, an achievable objective with the installation of pressure edges fitted firstly to both sides of the bottom of a swing gate and on the vertical edge of the gate that closes, in conjunction with hinge protection and photocells which are configured correctly. By following these steps most gates can be automated and be safe.