Getting the basics right

Regardless of what your viewpoint is in relation to the acknowledged ‘safety’ features for an automatic gate,
whether you are an advocate of photocells over pressure edges, or if your interest is in promoting the benefits of force testing - all of these measures are futile if the actual gate lacks structural integrity and is not installed correctly in the first place.

When is the industry going to wake up to the fact that the under performance of one component can be sufficient to cause a gate to fall - often dangerously and with disastrous consequences.

Let's get:

  • swing gates supplied with three hinges
  • sliding gates fitted with multiple support posts
  • stops that are integral to the design of the gate
In the last 3 years there have been 11 accidents (that we are aware of) caused by falling gates, five of which resulted in death

These types of accidents appear to be caused by an inherent failure to check the mechanical capability of the gate in the first place – or to subsequently maintain the gate correctly.

In Gate Safe’s opinion, more should be done to focus on this important issue …