Who's to blame?

I am getting blame for triggering the semi-automatic gate at my work and damaging a car. What should I do?

Asked 3 days ago - Miami, FL Flag

My job is located inside a private zone with semi-automatic gates; a security guard is stationed to ask in-coming vehicles for information. I have never been stopped and asked for information when I pass through. They do not even open the gate for me; they just always order me to go through the gap, a gap enough for a motorcycle.

Yesterday morning when I was going to work I saw the gate open so I just went through. When I was parking my motorcycle a security guard stopped me and told me that I triggered the gate to close and damaged the roof of a car. I didn't see it happen and I was clueless to what they are telling me I did. They showed me the other person's car, it has a dent on the roof and a scratch on the front door. Another security guard secretly approached me and told me that it was not my fault, that the gate automatically closes after 15 seconds and the guard on post forgot to restart the timer.

Tonight the administrator of the security sent me an email telling me that I am guilty of two things. First, I went through the gate without giving my information, like I said no one ever asked me for my information. Second, they are blaming me for damaging the other person's car.

I haven’t replied to the email yet since I don’t know how to. How should I reply to the email? What should I do?

Seems like the regulations in the US need to catch up a bit ... If a gate has been installed in line with current guidance / best practice, this situation would never have happened in the UK.