Gate Safety - a year round concern

This week marks Gate Safety week, but while Gate Safe welcomes any campaign that raises awareness of the importance of taking the appropriate steps to achieve a safe and legally compliant gate and avoid any further accidents – or worse, statistics confirm that gate safety should be viewed as a year round concern.
Gate Safe 365 days a year

  • Gate Safe estimates that 288,000 new gates and barriers are being installed every year. Combine this figure with the suggested number of existing gates in the field and it is likely that there are currently in excess of 3 million gates and barriers in situ
  • Recent surveys indicate that few gates meet the required criteria to deliver a safe gate, and indeed a staggering 90% of gates have been shown to be unsafe. Working on this formula, this suggests that there are a possible 2,700,000 gates in the field that represent a potential safety risk.
  • Looking at schools alone, a conservative estimate (covering just state schools) indicates that there could be as many as 20,000 unsafe gates in a school setting
  • Since 2006, Gate Safe is aware of 14 accidents and 11 fatalities involving gates – sadly the chances are that another serious accident or worse is just around the corner

Gate Safe the pioneering charity that first brought the whole issue of automated gate safety to the public’s attention back in September 2010, has introduced a number of initiatives to help improve the safety of automated (and manual) gates and barriers in this country:

  • There are now over 750 Gate Safe Aware installers in the field (who have completed the charity’s independent IOSH accredited Gate Safe Aware training) allowing owners of domestic and commercial properties seeking an automated gate with easy access to an installer who has been trained to understand the required protocol to deliver a safe gate. Installer can be found on the Gate Safe register at
  • Gate Safe now offers an independent site survey service. Since its launch the charity has completed numerous unbiased surveys for a range of applications ranging from domestic properties to schools and commercial premises
  • There is now a range of sector specific guides to provide advice on what is required to deliver a safe automated gate, written for a number of different audiences (installers, electricians, architects, schools and installers). The guides can be downloaded from the Gate Safe website
  • The Gate Safe Visualiser is an interactive tool designed to help achieve a safe automated gate installation, although it was launched primarily to assist architects in specifying a safe gate, the Visualiser is of equal value to other audiences
  • The Gate Safe MOT is the latest development from Gate Safe – an easy to read weatherproof sticker that clearly shows when an automated gate was installed / when it was last maintained by a suitably qualified Gate Safe Aare installer. Like the original car tax discs, the Gate Safe MOT provides a strong visual prompt to indicate when a gate should be next reviewed to ensure its continued safety

Watch this space for news of two further exciting initiatives that Gate Safe is working on …