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Little boy's finger sliced on Stevens Park gate in Welling
Added 7th November 2017

A little boy had to have part of his finger amputated and sewn back together after a park gate acted like a 'guillotine', his mother has said. More…
Gate installer jailed and company fined £12k in landmark ruling
Added 30th October 2017

The installer responsible for the automatic iron gate which fell on grandmother Jill Lunn, at her home in Norwich in 2013, has been given a 42-month prison sentence. More…
Mukilteo boy, 10, killed in ‘awful accident’ when iron church gate falls on him
Added 5th October 2017

A 10-year-old Everett-area boy was killed Thursday when a heavy wrought iron gate at a church fell on him and he suffered a major head injury, the Mukilteo Fire Department said. More…
Airdrie garage boss killed by swinging gate in storm
Added 29th September 2017

A GARAGE boss may not have been killed by a swinging gate during a storm if a colleague had been with him to help on the fateful morning, a sheriff has ruled More…
Jill Lunn death: Norwich man convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence
Added 14th September 2017

Jill Lunn, aged 56, died at her home in Field Lane, Blofield, on the evening of Wednesday 17 April 2013, when she became trapped under an electronically powered gate that had come off its rails and fallen on top of her. More…
57 year old woman crushed by electronic gate dies in Israel
Added 29th August 2017

57-year-old killed in northern Israel while on her way to work; baby badly injured in car crash on Route 4. More…
4 year old Manchester boy killed by falling gate in Italy
Added 24th August 2017

A four-year-old boy has been crushed to death after a 450lb iron gate fell on him. Angelo Quirino, from Manchester, was visiting family members south of Rome. An investigation has been launched to determine how the gate fell on the boy More…
Gate Safe register hits 1000
Added 10th August 2017

Nearly seven years since Gate Safe became the first organisation to initiate a campaign for improved standards in automated gate safety, the charity marked another important milestone, as it celebrated hitting 1,000 installers on its acclaimed national register of Gate Safe Aware Installers More…
Perth Toddler’s skull crushed by falling gate
Added 26th June 2017

2 year old Sophie brown was almost killed and left with bleeding on the brain after a fallen gate pinned her to the ground. More…
Grenfell Tower type tragedy - could an automated gate be to blame in the future?
Added 24th June 2017

Gate Safe was horrified to read that fire fighters were recently hindered from attending an emergency because of a faulty automatic gate system (The Mirror, 23rd June 2017). More…
Gate Safe presents at property professionals event hosted by Knight Frank in London
Added 21st June 2017

Gate Safe was invited to make a presentation to property managers and surveyors at an information gathering initiative run by the leading residential / commercial property consultancy Knight Frank, at the company’s headquarters in London More…
FaCT forges partnership with Gate Safe
Added 26th April 2017

Gate Safe has joined forces with FaCT (Fencing and Construction Training) to raise awareness of the required safety protocol for anyone involved in installing automated and manual gates. More…
New Gate Safe QA Supplement
Added 20th April 2017

Take a look at QA Education’s Gate Safe supplement More…
Worker crushed to death by large gate named as Lincoln man
Added 31st March 2017

An inquest has been opened into the death of a man who died after being crushed by a gate. More…
Asda security gate ‘hits toddler in head’
Added 3rd February 2017

A mother has told of the horrific moment she was shopping in a branch of Asda with her one-year-old son when he was left screaming in pain as metal security gates smashed into his head. More…
Emirati boy killed by iron gate
Added 27th January 2017

A five-year-old Emirati boy was killed in a freak accident after the front gate of his neighbour’s home fell, crushing him to death. More…
Electrical gate safety - do you know the risks?
Added 10th January 2017

It has been six years now since the tragic deaths of two children just weeks apart firt bought the issue of automated gate safety to the public’s attention. More…
‘The kids saw blood’ - boy age 5, crushed as 6’ iron primary school gate falls on him
Added 4th December 2016

A youngster in Manchester was trapped under a heavy iron gate at his primary school as crying kids and staff watched in horror. More…
Gate Safe urges gate checks in wake of Storm Angus
Added 24th November 2016

Following the heavy rain and gusts of wind recorded of up to 84 mph during Storm Angus, Gate Safe is urging anyone owning automatic or manual gates to check the device for damage More…
£500,000 fine for company following death of driver by heavy gate
Added 9th October 2016

The latest court case involving the death of a delivery driver after he was crushed by an 300kg iron gate has seen the company responsible for the device fined a record £500,000, one of the highest fines handed out to date for a gate related accident. More…
Norwich installer prosecution over grandmothers death : Court Verdict
Added 29th September 2016

Court rules installer is guilty of health & safety breach in respect of fatal gate accident that lead to death of Grandmother, who was crushed to death when a heavy iron gate came off its tracks and fell on her in front of her young granddaughter More…
Shock U.S. automated gate accident statistics
Added 27th September 2016

Gate Safe insists the UK must not follow suit. More…
Gate Safe headlines industry gate safety seminar
Added 26th September 2016

When Interphone, a leading player in the provision of security systems and building technology for the commercial residential property marketplace, decided to run an industry seminar on automated gate safety, the natural choice of speaker was Gate Safe More…
Norwich prosecution over grandmothers death caused by iron gate
Added 20th September 2016

Grandmother, 56, was crushed to death when a heavy iron gate came off its tracks and fell on her in front of her young granddaughter More…
Child seriously ill following sliding gate accident in Kozieglowy, Poland
Added 20th September 2016

Gate Safe is aware of a story emerging in Poland, concerning a 2 1/2 year old boy who has been seriously injured after riding on a sliding gate on a private property in Kozieglowy near Myszkow. The boy is suffering from a head and chest injury after being crushed between the gate and a concrete fence.  More…
Woman dies after ‘freak accident’ with garage door in Cambridge apartment block
Added 25th August 2016

The woman, understood to be in her 30s, is thought to have got into difficulty while accessing the automatic rolling shutters to a private parking basement. More…
New Gate Safe MOT launched in bid to protect public
Added 23rd August 2016

Gate Safe, the charity that pioneered the move towards improving the safety of automated gates is to introduce a ground breaking ‘Gate Safe MOT’ More…
2016 Gate Safety Week dates fixed for October
Added 13th August 2016

This years Gate Safety Week is being held on the 10th - 16th October. The aims are to More…
Man killed by falling industrial gate at Navan Retail Park, Co. Meath, Ireland
Added 27th July 2016

The body of a man has been discovered under a gate at a retail park in Navan in a suspected workplace accident. More…
5 year old Dublin girl killed by falling gate
Added 1st July 2016

A 'bubbly' five-year-old girl was killed in a tragic accident when a gate fell on her as she played. More…
Appalling video highlights electrocution risk
Added 30th June 2016

A shocking video showing a man being electrocuted by an automated gate in China, is currently being circulated on social media More…
Manual Gate in a park nearly blinds child
Added 7th June 2016

Five weeks after a five-year old child sustained a head injury after cutting their head on a single entrance gate at a gate in a school, a three-year old boy has been hospitalised and nearly blinded after a gate in a park swung back and hit him in the head. More…
Gate Safe joins forces with OAP Trustworthy
Added 25th April 2016

Gate Safe is delighted to announce the addition of O.A.P Trustworthy to the charity’s growing list of official supporters. More…
Bridgwater mum calls for action after 5-year-old son suffers head injury at Hamp school gate
Added 25th April 2016

A Somerset mother has called on her children's school to take action on its drop-off and pick-up system, after her son suffered a head injury while trying to get through its single entrance gate. More…
‘Gate nearly killed my son’ says upset mum
Added 4th March 2016

A mum says her son could have been crushed to death under a heavy iron gate which fell on him as he played in Williamson Park in Lancaster. More…
Norwich firm admits offences following death of woman who was crushed by gate
Added 29th January 2016

A Norwich company has admitted three offences in relation to the death of a woman who was crushed by an automated electric gate. More…
Emirati girl dies in arms of father after villa gate falls on her in Ajman
Added 17th January 2016

A four-year-old Emirati girl died in the arms of her father after the iron front gate at her home fell on her as she waved goodbye to her aunt More…
Statement from Gate Safe following the Semelia Campbell court hearing
Added 7th December 2015

Over five years after the tragic accident involving Semelia Campbell who was crushed to death by an automated gate, the company that pleaded guilty to the corporate manslaughter of the six-year-old school girl has today been formally sentenced. More…
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