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A shocking video showing a man being electrocuted by an automated gate in China, is currently being circulated on social media, reaching almost 85,000 views to date. Whilst in Gate Safe’s opinion, it is not appropriate to share such gruesome footage out of respect to the deceased and his relatives / friends, there is a sober lesson to be learned from this highly distressing incident.

According to the report, the property management office associated with the gate has denied any problems with the installation, claiming that the deceased ‘was drunk’.

Regardless of whether alcohol has been consumed or not, no gate should EVER be left in a condition whereby the wiring of the control box is incorrect, let alone be so badly installed as to present a possible risk of electrocution.

Sadly, having reviewed some of the photographs of the many gates that Gate Safe has surveyed, such an incident occurring in the UK is not beyond the realms of possibility. You can attach as many safety features as you like to a gate but if the wiring of the installation is not sound, such measures will be futile.

Always ensure the electrical connection to the gate is via an isolator and is installed by a qualified electrician to the current edition of BS7671. Gate Safe currently operates a specialist Gate Safe Aware ECS card, working alongside the Joint Industry Board which administers the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so look out for an electrician who is able to prove they have undertaken the relevant training to install a safe and compliant automated gate.

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