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August 2016: Gate Safe, the charity that pioneered the move towards improving the safety of automated gates is to introduce a ground breaking ‘Gate Safe MOT’, which will highlight to clients and the general public, the need to ensure the correct installation and on-going maintenance of any electric gate.

The Gate Safe MOT is a memorable weatherproof sticker – similar to the original car tax disc – which will be prominently sited near the gate to indicate that an automated gate has been installed and / or maintained by a suitably qualified Gate Safe Aware installer, who has undergone appropriate training and understands how to deliver a safe and legally compliant installation.

The annual MOT disc will be completed by the installer / maintenance provider offering a clear, easily identifiable visual prompt that indicates the month and year of issue, thus advising gate users that the device in use is has been through the requisite safety checks, or conversely, is overdue a service / maintenance visit.

Gate Safe founder Richard Jackson says, “One of the early suggestions put forward when we first launched Gate Safe, was the introduction of a Kitemark type accreditation that would provide reassurance that the gate had undergone a relevant risk assessment and protocol had been adhered to, to indicate that it conforms to the required safety standards. In order to develop this type of scheme, it was paramount that we had enough Gate Safe Aware installers in the field to enable a national roll-out. We’ve discussed the concept with our approaching 750 installer community and are now confident that with their co-operation and support, we have sufficient resource to launch the Gate Safe MOT. Up until now, to the untrained eye, there is nothing to distinguish between a safe and unsafe automated gate installation. The eye catching Gate Safe MOT will provide instant verification as to whether the gate has been subjected to recent safety checks.”

Commenting on the launch Rebecca Hickman, Campaigns and Fundraising Manager for RoSPA says, “RoSPA has championed Gate Safe since its inception in 2010 and shares it commitment to preventing any further accidents / fatalities occurring as a result of an unsafe automated gate.”

The ECA’s Head of Specialist Groups Steve Martin added: “Unsafe gate installations pose a major risk to the public, particularly in places such as schools and playgrounds. The ECA strongly backs the efforts of Gate Safe to ensure that installations are undertaken by suitably qualified operatives.”

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Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261). Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

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