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When Interphone, a leading player in the provision of security systems and building technology for the commercial residential property marketplace, decided to run an industry seminar on automated gate safety, the natural choice of speaker was Gate Safe, the pioneering charity and industry spokesperson responsible for raising awareness of the need for safer automated gates.

Interphone has always been committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for any automated gate device and as a Premier Gate Safe Aware Installer, has invested in training over 80% of its employees directly involved in electric gate installations.

The Interphone Gate Safety seminar was designed to educate Managing Agents, Developers, Facilities Managers and other property-related professionals on this important safety issue. Richard Jackson, founder of Gate Safe attended the seminar and delivered a presentation which outlined the risk assessment protocol that should be followed with any automated gate, to ensure that the installation remains safe and legally compliant.

“Many of the delegates were truly shocked by the nature and number of accidents that have occurred to date, and probably most significantly, by the hard hitting statistics that indicate that another accident is probably just around the corner. We applaud Interphone for taking such a proactive approach to improving the understanding of the serious risks associated with an unsafe automated gate and hope that the session helps them to recognise their role and responsibility in terms of ensuring the safety of any electrical gate installations on site.”

Julian Synett, Managing Director of Interphone commented: “Since 2006 there have been 18 incidents where people have been seriously injured or tragically killed by unsafe gates and every one could have been prevented with the application of the correct safety protocol. It is essential that gates are installed and maintained in a safe and responsible manner, so we have teamed up with Gate Safe to raise awareness of the risks and help promote safety best practice.”

Given the success of the event, Interphone is hosting a further Automated Gate Safety seminar on 15th November 2016, to apply for your free space visit

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Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261). Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

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