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The MOT sticker provides a clear visual reference that your gate is safe and when the next maintenance service visit is required.

Below are some FAQ’s regarding the MOT but if you have any specific queries regarding your gate please contact your maintenance service provider for further advice.
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Customer Q&As

If my gate displays a Gate Safe MOT sticker, does that mean that Gate Safe has checked the gate?
No, with over 700 installers on the Gate Safe register it is simply not possible to audit the work of all of our installers. However, by having a Gate Safe MOT sticker on your gate you can be assured that the company you are using has undergone specialist training to help their installers understand what constitutes a safe and legally compliant gate. All Gate Safe Aware installers receive updates on latest best practice, and have access to our experts via the Gate Safe helpline if they have any queries in relation to a particular installation.

What do I do if the MOT is out of date?
If you have not received a letter from your installer suggesting a routine maintenance visit, we suggest that you contact them direct – the details will be listed on the MOT sticker. If the installer fails to arrange a visit, please contact Gate Safe on 01303 840117 or click here to FIND AN INSTALLER from this website.

Will I be charged for the MOT? How much?
The MOT is part of the required periodic / regular (according to the type of usage) maintenance of your automated gate. The cost of the maintenance visit is set by your installer but will depend on the level of service required. The MOT sticker is provided by your installer as part of the maintenance charge.

My sticker is no longer visible / peeling off, what do I do?
All MOT stickers have been designed with the need for durability / the ability to withstand the challenges of the outdoor environment. However, in the unlikely event that the sticker becomes unstuck / is no longer legible, please contact your Gate Safe Aware installer.

How will I know if the MOT is out of date?
As per the original car road tax discs, each year the colour of the MOT sticker will change making it easier to identify an out of date MOT. Of course, the date of the last MOT is also clearly visible on the sticker.
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We trust that you will find the MOT beneficial in maintaining the highest standard of safety for your gate. If you have any comments / feedback on this new initiative we would be pleased to hear from you.
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