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Unsafe gate installations pose a major risk to the public, particularly in places such as schools and playgrounds. The ECA strongly backs the efforts of Gate Safe to ensure that installations are undertaken by suitably qualified operatives.
Steve Martin, Electrical Contractors Association
Anyone involved in the installation of a powered gate (whether swing, sliding, bi folding, telescopic or a rising arm barrier) must ensure it complies with the Machinery Directive 2006 /42/EC.

In order to achieve compliance the gate should have undergone a full risk assessment. The complex British Standards are used as a means to identify the various potential risks posed by an automated gate.

A fully automatic gate should feature a minimum of two types of safety device:

  • photocells or light curtain
  • pressure edges
  • protection via the limitation of the forces that are used to operate the gate

Gate Safe advises that photocells / light curtains and pressure edges should be installed on every gate or barrier.

In addition to using the British Standards to guide the Risk Assessment process, Gate Safe provides further additional general recommendations to encourage a holistic approach to best practice in relation to the installation of automated gates.

This includes guidance on the requirements to ensure the overall mechanical stability of the installation.
Read more Gate Safe guidance here
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Existing vs new compliance
Gate Safe Aware installer code of conduct
Gate Safe Aware supporter code of conduct
CDM guidance
Read the key HSE guidance here
Risks to pedestrians from crushing zones on electrically powered gates 1
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Powered gates: the basics
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Gate Safe Aware installer training

Are these the sort of headlines you want you or your clients to be associated with?

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In addition to the clear personal distress caused by a powered gate accident, failure to adhere to the correct protocol for automated gates and / or adopt the required safety measures can prove disastrous, from a legal, financial and ultimately moral perspective.

Make sure you are equipped to assess whether an automated gates is SAFE and take the Gate Safe Aware Training course, developed working together with The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

The training is also open to any professional associated with the automated gate industry, who wishes to improve their understanding of the critical safety issues associated with this type of installation.

Course Details:

The half day course covers:
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Access to the Gate Safe Aware installer logo
Scope and nature of legislation and standards relevant to automated gate safety
Implications of failure to install equipment to the required standard
Risk Assessment protocol
Styles and configurations of different gates and associated risks
Details of recommended safety features and correct installation guidance
Additional safety considerations
Importance of maintenance
Practical examples of good and bad practice
Installers attending the course receive:
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Access to the Gate Safe Aware installer logo
Company added to the Gate Safe Aware installers map
Gate Safe ID card
Checkatrade discount
Telephone support
IOSH Certificate
Gate Safe Aware technical hand book and regular updates
Access to the Gate Safe Aware Installers members area – contains high quality downloadable documents to provide essential guidance on electric gate safety
Access to Gate Safe help line

Course Dates:

  • 9th January 2018, Lincolnshire
    Lincsafe Ltd,
    Caenby Hall
    Market Rasen
    LN8 2BU
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    22nd December 2017
  • 12th January 2018, Crawley
    Trade Skills 4U
    Mitre Court
    Fleming Way
    RH10 9GT
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    22nd December 2017
  • 8th February 2018, Warrington
    Village Hotels
    110 Centre Park
    WA1 1QA
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    1st February 2018
  • 8th March 2018, Berkshire
    Grange Hotel
    Cox's Lane
    Bath Road
    RG7 5UP
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    1st March 2018
  • 16th March 2018, Crawley
    Trade Skills 4U
    Mitre Court
    Fleming Way
    RH10 9GT
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    1st March 2018
  • 10th April 2018, Chelmsford
    Best Western Ivy Hill Hotel
    Writtle Road
    CM4 0EH
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    1st April 2018
  • 25th May 2018, Crawley
    Trade Skills 4U
    Mitre Court
    Fleming Way
    RH10 9GT
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    11th May 2018
  • 5th June 2018, Coventry
    Best Western PLUS Windmill Village Hotel
    Birmingham Road
    West Midlands
    CV5 9AL
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    31st May 2018
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All courses are £215, discounted to £195 for ‘Early Bird’ bookers. VAT at the prevailing rate will be added to all prices shown

Click any date for full details and booking link. You can also click the yellow ‘Book Training’ tab to reserve your place. This is top left on desktops and bottom right on mobiles.

If you ‘book’ a course with no available spaces we will assume you wish to be contacted regarding any late cancellations.


“Excellent rating for everything. Would recommend to others”

“Good delivery. Would recommend to others”

“Went on course to clarify legislation and the installers liability. Excellent. Would recommend”

“We’ve been installing gates for some time and wanted to check that this is being done correctly in line with modern regulations. Excellent rating for everything, would recommend to others.”

“Wanted an awareness about safe installations and industry requirements. Excellent. Would recommend.”

“The course was very informative and I learned a lot.”

“We want to do the job correctly and safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Enjoyed the discussions and access to trainer’s knowledge.”

“The course was presented in plain English and was educational”
“We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to gate safety to our customers. Enjoyed the level of interaction and the practical nature of the course.”

“We wanted to ensure compliance during the specification process and to be seen to adopt best practice. The course helped us identify some grey areas.”

“I wanted to provide myself – and the company – with a better understanding of gate safety, to enable us to supply the customer with a safe end product.”

“There were conversations on real life gates and problems that we can all relate to. The training focused on identifying the safe way around automated gate problems.”

“The course tutor demonstrated vast experience of the automated gate industry.”

“Enjoyed the practical explanations, course was excellent and just at the correct level to meet my requirements.”
Gate Safe
Beverlea, Clavertye,
Elham, Canterbury
Kent. CT4 6YE

t: 01303 840 117

Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261). Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

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