Keep Santa Safe

Keep Santa Safe

The festive season is upon us and no doubt preparations are underway to welcome the big bearded man in the red suit into your home this weekend. 

But for those of us who acknowledge that maybe all those presents don’t arrive following Santa’s descent down the chimney, consider this, is there a risk that your most important visitor of the year could get stuck in your automated gates?  

Could you be responsible for the crime of the year, Father Christmas being struck down following an electric…

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Principal designers: Back to basics for installing a new gate

Principal designers: Back to basics for installing a new gate

When you are considering installing a new gate – automatic or manual – it is important to design out any hazards so there are a number of considerations to bear in mind.

  • Is the ground / road leading to and from the gate level?
  • Are there any obstructions which the gate might open against?
  • What type of gate will deliver the safest and most effective means of protection?
  • How will the gate be made? Do any of the hinges create potential pinch points? Does the infill represent a potential trap…
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