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01303 840117

01303 840117

It is estimated that nearly 300,000 new automated gates are being installed every year, in a wide range of settings, including private residences, housing developments, commercial properties and schools / nurseries & education centres.

Combine this with the number of existing gates in the field and it is likely that there are currently in excess of 3 million gates in existence.

The owner of any gate has a duty of care to ensure that the gate is safe and regularly maintained – just as you would be required to maintain the safety of a car. Yet recent surveys have showed a staggering 90% of gates have been shown to be unsafe.

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Gate Safe Guides

Gate Safe has developed a series of practical guides to provide advice on improving automated gate safety. Download our free Gate Safe Guide for Homeowners : Are your home’s automated gates safe? to help ensure that the automated gate designed to protect you and your family is safe and legally compliant.

Download your free Homeowners Guide

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Gate Safe estimates that there are nearly 25,000 schools in the UK, based on recent survey activity which showed as many as 90% of gates audited were unsafe, there are potentially 20,000 unsafe gates in a school setting. Is yours one of them?

Download your free Schools Guide

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Gate Safe MOT

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To the untrained eye, there is no difference in the appearance of a safe or unsafe gate. The Gate Safe MOT provides a clear visual reference to indicate that a gate has been installed / maintained in line with best industry practice. Only Gate Safe installers are eligible to fit the Gate Safe MOT.

Below are some FAQ’s regarding the MOT but if you have any specific queries regarding your gate please contact your maintenance service provider for further advice.

We hope that you will find the MOT beneficial in maintaining the highest standard of safety for your gate. If you have any comments / feedback on this new initiative we would be pleased to hear from you.

If my gate displays a Gate Safe MOT sticker, does that mean that Gate Safe has checked the gate?

My sticker is no longer visible / peeling off, what do I do?

What do I do if the MOT is out of date?

We hope that you will find the MOT beneficial in maintaining the highest standard of safety for your gate. If you have any comments / feedback on this new initiative we would be pleased to hear from you.

Will I be charged for the MOT?

If so, how much?

How will I know if the MOT is out of date?

Independent Gate Assessments

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Unsure about a gate that has been installed at your home, school or commercial premises? As a completely independent body with a long-standing reputation in gate safety, Gate Safe is able to provide a full risk assessment to ensure your gate meets the relevant legal requirements and is operating safely.

Gate Safe can undertake an independent site visit to check the gate over and provide a detailed report summarizing the findings, contact us for further details / prices. We can also undertake a desk based risk assessment of an automated gate.

Alternatively, look at the Gate Safe Visualiser to establish an understanding of what is required to deliver a safe gate. View Visualiser

Report an Unsafe Gate

if you think you have an unsafe gate and want to seek further advice, please contact our gate safety team on 01303 840 117.

We urge EVERYONE to act responsibly and to play their part in ensuring no further accidents or fatalities occur as a result of an unsafe gate.

Your actions could save a life!

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Working together with Gate Safe

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