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Are you asked to inspect electric gates?

Automated gate safety is a serious matter that requires specialist knowledge and training. If you are asked to inspect an automatic gate, it's important to know that doing so without proper training can put you and others at risk.

At Gate Safe, we advise against surveying gates unless you have undergone the requisite specialist gate safety training. By conducting a survey without the proper expertise, you could be giving the client or residents false confidence in the safety of the gate. Additionally, if there were to be any accidents involving the gate, following HSE comments and previous cases, you could be held liable.


To avoid costly litigation and ensure compliance with safety legislation, Gate Safe offers impartial and 100% independent on-site surveys of any existing automated or manual gates. By investing in our credible industry knowledge and expertise, you will be able to avoid the risk of costly litigation in the event of an accident. Enquire Now.

Gate Safety Training

We also offer an IOSH-approved online training course that can help improve your knowledge of gate safety. By taking this course, you will gain a better understanding of the required protocols for safe and compliant installations. Click to learn more.

Looking for a Gate Safe Installer?

Our comprehensive network of trained professionals is listed on our interactive map. To find a Gate Safe Installer near you and ensure your gate is both safe and compliant, simply type in your postcode using the following link: Postcode Search.

CPD Gate Safety Awareness Seminar

We are also able to provide a CPD training session giving an overview of safety issues and risks associated with powered gates and barriers.

Don't take risks when it comes to automated gate safety.

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