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The official register of gate installers

If you are a member of the Gate Safe installer register, you can access a range of informative documents to help you deliver a safe and compliant installation.

These include:

  • Gate Safe joining instructions / template news release
  • Guidance documents:
  • Hazards associated with automated gates
  • Gate Safe maintenance service
  • Practical approach to powered gate safety
  • Existing vs new compliance
  • HSE guidance

You will also have access to the following ‘Tools’:

  • How to specify an automated gate
  • Gate Safe automation survey
  • Risk Assessment guide
  • Customer guides

How to use the Gate Safe MOT

After the maintenance service is finished, complete the blank boxes on the sticker with the relevant information and fix the MOT sticker to the control box or somewhere visible on or near the gate. The stickers are manufactured from exterior vinyl and are UV stable so the information should still be clear in the next 12-24 months.

A template letter advising a customer that its periodic / regular MOT is due is available to download from the website in the members area.

If a gate cannot be fitted with an MOT, a letter of non-compliance should be issued to the customer, sample letter contained within this pack.

Gate Safe has drafted a letter for you to hand to your customers upon completion of the MOT, this can be downloaded from the members areas of the website. This includes a series of Q&As.

How do I explain the MOT to my customers?

Gate Safe has drafted a letter for you to hand to your customers upon completion of the MOT, this includes a series of Q&As, click here.

Member Feedback

We welcome feedback from the Gate Safe installer community regarding any additional information which should be featured in the members area.

For more information on how to become a Gate Safe installer please email us using the CONTACT FORM or call 01303 840 117

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Working together with Gate Safe

Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261).

Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

The guidance and recommendations on this website represent our interpretation of advice based on information from HSE, British Standards and relevant UK legislation. It is not a definitive statement and should be used in conjunction with your own risk assessment of the specific site prior to undertaking any works. GSSC Ltd take no responsibility for any works carried out by the Gate Safe Aware Installers or for any installations carried out using the information and advice given on this website. All content, trade marks, downloads and images are copyright Gate Safe GSSC Ltd

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