Fair price for a fair gate

Fair price for a fair gate
Gate Safe is becoming increasingly concerned at the huge disparity in the prices that are being charged to customers for gate repairs and safety upgrades.

As the pioneering charity established to improve the standards of automated gate safety, Gate Safe is naturally keen to ensure that unscrupulous pricing does not become a barrier to increasing the number of safe gates in the UK.

Gate Safe would like to issue the following advice to anyone looking to ask a professional to undertake works on an automated gate:
  • Always seek out three quotations for any works that are recommended on the gate. With any installation, some companies will be better suited to the job than others. For example, if company A is familiar with the equipment and company B is not, it is likely that company A will offer a better price
  • Always work with a Gate Safe trained installer. Visit the Gate Safe website, www.gate-safe.org to find your nearest installers, who have all completed the appropriate training and understand what constitutes a safe and compliant gate
  • Gate Safe has developed a guide of outline costs for repairs, these prices are on the basis of a “normal’ site without any substantial earth works and include installation charges (all costs are for a single unit and are subject to VAT)

Replacement of a Sliding gate motor medium duty: £950-1350
Replacement of a Sliding gate motor heavy duty: £1350-1750

Replacement of a Swing gate ram operator: £625-725
Replacement of a Swing gate underground operator: £525-675

Replacement of a Control board: £325-625

Replacement / fitting of a pair of photocells: £150-200
Replacement / fitting of a new safety edge: 2.5m £280-380

Contact Gate Safe if you would like help or advice regarding any quoted prices you receive - email info@gate-safe.org.

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