Keep Santa Safe

Keep Santa Safe

The festive season is upon us and no doubt preparations are underway to welcome the big bearded man in the red suit into your home this weekend. 

But for those of us who acknowledge that maybe all those presents don’t arrive following Santa’s descent down the chimney, consider this, is there a risk that your most important visitor of the year could get stuck in your automated gates?  

Could you be responsible for the crime of the year, Father Christmas being struck down following an electric gate accident?

Yes, all of this may appear a bit tongue in cheek but most home owners are blissfully unaware of the potential ‘killer’ lurking in their garden, the very same device that was most likely originally installed to keep the family safe and secure. And remember, it is not just automated gates that can cause an accident, a manual gate is equally capable of inflicting a serious injury (especially to a child) if the installer has not heeded the accepted guidance to deliver a safe gate.

Take time during the holiday period to ensure that your gates have been installed correctly and that the required six-monthly maintenance check for an automated device has been undertaken. If the automated gate was recently installed by a professionally trained Gate Safe installer, it should feature a new highly visible Gate Safe MOT sticker which clearly denotes when the gate was installed, by whom and when it is due for its next routine maintenance. If the electric gate was installed more than a year ago, and it has yet to be checked, give you and your family the best Christmas present ever and call in a Gate Safe installer to undertake a risk assessment of the gate to make sure that it remains compliant and most important of all, safe.

Gate accidents can kill.  DON’T TAKE THE RISK!

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