Social Media Policy

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01303 840117

Social Media Policy

01303 840117

Gate Safe Social Media Policy

Gate Safe uses social media channels to promote news and updates along with practical help and advice on the correct protocol to follow to deliver a safe gate or barrier. To ensure a positive and productive environment for all our followers, we have created the following social media policy:

Promotion of Gate Safety and Updates:

Our social media channels are primarily used to promote gate safety awareness and to share news and updates in relation to gate safety. We encourage constructive discussion and engagement related to this.

Zero Tolerance for Abuse:

Gate Safe does not tolerate any form of abuse or harassment directed towards any individual, whether they are a member of our team or not. Any abusive behaviour will be promptly reported to the platform.

Blocking and Muting of Accounts:

To maintain a safe and respectful environment, we reserve the right to block and mute any account that engages in abusive behaviour or violates the Gate Safe Membership code of conduct.

Deletion of Inappropriate or Irrelevant Posts:

We reserve the right to delete posts that are considered inappropriate or irrelevant to our page or to the specific post in question. This includes but is not limited to spam, hate speech, off-topic content, or promotional material unrelated to gate safety.

Rules of Engagement:

Gate Safe is committed to fostering constructive and meaningful interactions on its social media channels. Posts that do not adhere to our rules of engagement or community guidelines may be deleted at our discretion.

This social media policy is subject to change at the discretion of Gate Safe.

Last updated: 12th February 2024

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