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Automated Gate Safety Training

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01303 840117


01303 840117

We are pleased to announce that our recent 'Training Donations' campaign to help the people of Ukraine has raised £1475 and is being donated to the DEC Ukraine Appeal.

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Gate Safe delivers IOSH approved specialist awareness training - in plain English - for installers and any trade associated with automated or manual gates / barrier installations. Recent court cases have highlighted the legal / moral accountability of ANY professional associated with an automated or manual gate / barrier in the event of an accident.

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Gate Safe Aware Distance Learning

The Gate Safe Aware Distance learning course provides a unique opportunity to participate in a fully interactive training session led by Gate Safe’s Technical and Training Manager - Rob Williams - dispensing with the need for unnecessary travel and therefore making best use of your time.


Due to the success of this training since its launch in March 2020 and the clear advantages to delegates who are now trained in significantly smaller groups compared with the original face-to-face training, all Gate Safe courses have now moved to an online format. The training has been extended to reflect the same content as the original Gate Safe Aware course, and delegates who take the course will be eligible for all Gate Safe Aware training benefits and an IOSH certificate.

Maximum group size: 4-5

Duration: Minimum 3-4 hours depending on the level of interaction and including a comfort break

Cost: £225 +VAT per delegate. This includes the first years membership with Gate Safe free of charge, annual renewal required to maintain membership after initial 12 month period.

The course is designed to help installers - and others associated with automated gates and barriers – to improve their understanding of automated gate safety. It provides the opportunity to engage in specialist interactive training, working directly with a highly experienced tutor, in a more time convenient format. Similarly, the distance learning is available to those living overseas, dispensing with the need to travel to the UK to attend a course.

The course covers:

• UK Legislation relating to automated gates and barriers
• Relevant British Standards and how they apply to the real installations
• Risk assessments, what to look for and how to protect the risks
• Types of safety devices and how they should be used to prevent injury
• Maintenance requirements
• Legal implications for leaving unsafe gates in operation and how the law applies to gate owners

"The training was good, and I found the fact that it was delivered on a 1-1 basis particularly helpful. This made it easy to ask questions as and when they cropped up and if any technical terminology was used that I wasn’t familiar with, it could be explained straight away, something that is not so easy to achieve in a classroom setting.

Now I know what safety issues I should be looking out for on an automated gate or barrier, I’d definitely recommend to anyone involved in installing / maintaining gates and also sales staff associated with this industry. As a practicing electrician, this provided a good foundation knowledge for me to work from."

Lee Straney, Straney Trix Group

"The Distance learning training was very informative, and I feel that I gained a lot from taking part in it. The trainer, Rob Williams, explained everything to me in an easy to understand manner and he had a nice, friendly approach.

The training pack was sent out to me in advance so I could prepare ahead of the actual training date. Rob then went through all of the information with me before I was asked to take the test, answering all of my questions along the way"

Russell Phillpotts, Pepmore Ltd

"At SAS Projects, we are committed to always delivering a superior service – and that means adhering to the highest standards of safety and best practice. The Gate Safe Aware Distance learning provided an ideal opportunity to improve my knowledge and understanding of this specialist sector.

I liked the fact that the training was actually more like a one-to-one session with your own tutor. Unlike some distance learning experiences, this felt very real and it was great to talk and interact with a real person!

The training was very professional and has given me more confidence when it comes to installing and maintaining gates. And if I ever do have any queries, I now have peace of mind that I can access the Gate Safe technical helpline for specialist guidance and advice."

Owen John, SAS Projects

Scheduled Distance Learning Courses

Available dates are shown below. Click the booking button to reserve your place.

Fri 27th Jan 2023: 1.30pm
Mon 30th Jan 2023: 1.30pm
Tue 31st Jan 2023: Fully Booked
Thu 2nd Feb 2023: Fully Booked

Fri 3rd Feb 2023: 1.30pm
Mon 6th Feb 2023: 1.30pm
Tue 7th Feb 2023: 9.30am
Thu 9th Feb 2023: 9.30am
Fri 10th Feb 2023: 1.30pm

Mon 13th Feb 2023: 1.30pm
Tue 14th Feb 2023: 9.30am
Thu 16th Feb 2023: 9.30am
Fri 17th Feb 2023: 1.30pm

Mon 20th Feb 2023: Fully Booked
Tue 21st Feb 2023: Fully Booked

Thu 22nd Feb 2023: 9.30am
Fri 23rd Feb 2023: 1.30pm

Mon 27th Feb 2023: 1.30pm
Tue 28th Feb 2023: 9.30am
Thu 2nd March 2023: 9.30am
Fri 3rd March 2023: 1.30pm

Training Benefits

  • 100-page A5 technical Training Manual provided for easy reference / supply of regular training updates
  • Opportunity to market your business and generate leads via the independent Gate Safe website as an entry on the Gate Safe register - over 500 searches a month to the find an installer.
  • Gate Safe Installer logo, coded for your specific company.
  • Access to the Gate Safe Installer’s members area – contains high quality downloadable documents to provide essential guidance on electric gate safety
  • Gate Safe membership ID card to provide added customer reassurance
  • Gate Safe advisory line / independent unbiased technical support
  • Access to professional (specialist health & safety) legal counsel
  • Gate Safe MOT scheme
  • Provides clear evidence of your company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and safety
  • Gate Safe training is widely recognised by the construction industry
  • Training is approved by IOSH, the world’s biggest professional health and safety membership organisation
  • Protect your business from the potential for costly litigation / considerable damage caused by loss of reputation
  • Provides evidence of your company’s proven knowledge of the automated gate sector / industry expertise
  • Potential to align your business with the charity that pioneered the whole automated gate safety initiative – and commended by the HSE for doing so
  • Scope for your business to benefit from the support of Gate Safe’s key industry opinion formers eg RoSPA, Electrical Contractors’ Association, AFI (The Association of Fencing Industries), SAFed etc
  • ECS Related Discipline white card - price on application*
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* ECS Health and Safety assessment AND Electrical Safety Assessment required along with proof of Gate Safe Aware training.

Please contact Gate Safe for full details.


  • How does this training differ from the face-to-face Gate Safe Aware training?

    Although every effort is made to give the same information there can be times when it is useful to look at a sketch or a picture on a phone to clarify a question, which is not so easy with e-learning. In addition the interaction between the engineers before and during the training is more limited

  • Do I need a particular IT platform to participate in the Gate Safe Aware Distance Learning?

    To take part in the training you will need:

    • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better
    • 2 GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)
    • Windows PC: Windows 8 (Windows 10 recommended)
    • Apple Mac: Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra or later (latest version recommended)
    • Linux
    • Chrome OS.

    As ClickMeeting is a browser-based platform, the latest official versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera are needed. If you wish to try older versions or other browsers please check that they support HTML5 and WebRTC.

    ClickMeeting works with all laptop built-in cameras and most webcams.

    There is a “Test Connection” button on the e-vite to the training event. We strongly advise delegates to check this as soon as they receive the invitation to ensure training can take place.

  • Can I take the training using my mobile phone?

    No, the screen would be too small, a laptop or large tablet would be the optimum size.

  • How long does the training take?

    The expected duration is 3-4 hours but the training will run for as long as it takes/is needed.

  • Does this differ if training is undertaken on a one-to-one rather than group basis?

    If we have a scheduled event and only one person books, it may be possible that the training still runs but on a one-to-one basis, in which case, that person is very lucky! However, if one-to-one training is a specific requirement, this may be subject to a small supplement

  • Does the training cost more if it is taken on a 1-1 basis?

    If one-to-one training is a requirement there may be a small supplement.

  • What if you don’t pass the test after the training?

    We always spend time going over the areas that need clarification to ensure the level of understanding is what is required. It should be noted this has never happened yet.

  • I’m not very computer literate, is someone able to help me access the training on my computer ahead of the session?

    This is not really possible; you would need to seek IT support independently from Gate Safe. If we cannot run the training due to technical problems on the delegate’s computer, Gate Safe would defer to another event free of charge - as long as it was not a one-to-one bespoke event. Any other delays would be chargeable.

  • Does the training cover automated barriers as well as gates?

    Yes, along with other specialist gates such as bi-folding gates.

  • Is the training recognized by IOSH?

    The distance learning and face-to-face training is IOSH approved. An IOSH certificate is issued once the training has been successfully completed.

  • Is the training only suitable for automated gate / barrier installers / those directly involved in maintaining automated gates / barriers?

    The training will be useful to anyone that has involvement with automatic gates and barriers, installers, maintenance operatives as well as property managers and architects.

  • How does this distance training differ from the one that is currently being offered by the DHF?

    We are not familiar with the DHF offering but typically the Gate Safe training is in plain English with a focus on a practical approach rather than working from a selection of standards. Our online training is a hosted, fully interactive event - rather than a recorded webinar.

  • Would this training count as a CPD? Is it officially CPD accredited?

    Our understanding is that undertaking this training would be construed as continuous professional development.

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Gate Safe Aware Class Based Training

All face-to-face Gate Safe training is currently on hold. If you would like in-house training at your own office / premises please get in touch we are happy to attend your venue to provide face to face training.

Gate Safe
Beverlea, Clavertye,
Elham, Canterbury
Kent. CT4 6YE

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Working together with Gate Safe

Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261).

Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

The guidance and recommendations on this website represent our interpretation of advice based on information from HSE, British Standards and relevant UK legislation. It is not a definitive statement and should be used in conjunction with your own risk assessment of the specific site prior to undertaking any works. GSSC Ltd take no responsibility for any works carried out by the Gate Safe Aware Installers or for any installations carried out using the information and advice given on this website. All content, trade marks, downloads and images are copyright Gate Safe GSSC Ltd

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