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  • 10th August 2017, Warrington (fully booked)
    Best Western Fir Grove
    Knutsford Old Road
    WA4 2LD
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
  • 15th September 2017, Crawley
    Trade Skills 4U
    Mitre Court
    Fleming Way
    RH10 9GT
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    1st September 2017
  • 21st September 2017, Suffolk
    Best Western Heath Court Hotel
    Moulton Road
    CB8 8DY
    For Early Bird discount, book before:
    15th September 2017
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All courses are £215, discounted to £195 for ‘Early Bird’ bookers. VAT at the prevailing rate will be added to all prices shown

Click any date for full details and booking link. You can also click the yellow ‘Book Training’ tab to reserve your place. This is top left on desktops and bottom right on mobiles.

If you ‘book’ a course with no available spaces we will assume you wish to be contacted regarding any late cancellations.


Installers attending the course receive:

  • Access to Gate Safe Aware installer logo
  • Company added to the Gate Safe Aware Installers map
  • Gate Safe ID card
  • Checkatrade discount
  • Telephone support
  • IOSH Certificate
  • Gate Safe Aware technical hand book and regular updates
  • Access to the Gate Safe Aware Installers members area – contains high quality downloadable documents to provide essential guidance on electric gate safety
  • Access to Gate Safe help line

The half-day course covers:

  • Scope and nature of legislation and standards relevant to automated gate safety
  • Implications of failure to install equipment to the required standard
  • Risk Assessment protocol
  • Styles and configurations of different gates and associated risks
  • Details of recommended safety features and correct installation guidance
  • Additional safety considerations
  • Importance of maintenance
  • Practical examples of good and bad practice


No there is no legal requirement for an installer to undertake training although if an accident were to happen and the installer/installation company had no record of having undertaken any specialist training, the court a would take a very dim view of it and this could influence the overall judgment
There are many examples of people who have been taken to court, found guilty and received substantial fines. In addition to this, as the installer the law would expect you to be a competent person and taking the training would be a sign of that competence. Aside from the financial penalties, such cases cause considerable disruption to any business and often irreparable damage to their reputation. In addition to this, as the installer the law would expect / require you to be a ‘competent person’ and taking the Gate Safe Aware training would signify your commitment to demonstrating competence.
The training is very much delivered in ‘plain English’ with clear examples of what to look out for/what you need to understand. Rest assured you are likely to be with other installers who like you, have not been in a classroom for many years!
When you become a Gate Safe Aware installer, you will receive a comprehensive reference manual (which is regularly updated); access to a dedicated Gate Safe help line / email support; an entry on the Gate Safe Aware installer register (which is published on the Gate Safe web site); discounted membership to Checkatrade and advice on how to market your Gate Safe Aware status
The web site currently enjoys hundreds of unique visits per month and this is growing every month
A customer that elects to seek out a Gate Safe Aware installer has the comfort of knowing that they have been trained to understand the risks associated with automated gates and most importantly, is aware of the actions that should be taken to deliver protection against those risks
As well as demonstrating your competence to your customers, you and your trained engineers will be able to install gates safely thereby protecting the business from litigation and acting as a responsible company
The training provided by Gate Safe is a half day course that is primarily awareness training very much delivered in plain English with an emphasis on the practical rather than theoretical application of the guidance in the field. The Powered Gate Group course (run by the DHF) runs for two days. In Gate Safe’s view the engineers do not need to be able to quote the various standards verbatim but rather demonstrate an acute understanding of the risks associated with automated gates and how to mitigate them in order to prevent any further accidents. Gate Safe recognizes that the loss of revenue associated with attending any two-day course may represent a substantial and potentially unnecessary cost for any business.
As above it should also be noted that the HSE have said that strict adherence to the British Standards (which apply to automated gates) will not necessarily deliver a safe gate as there are other factors which must be taken into consideration. Currently, compliance with these standards alone in most cases will not ensure that all of the mandatory requirements for safety (the Essential Health and Safety Regulations of the Machinery Directive) will be met
Call Gate Safe we may be able to train in house, arrange a session near you or in certain circumstances distance learning may be a possible option
If you can provide a venue this would reduce the cost of training. In addition, Gate Safe is happy to discuss a discount for any company requiring large numbers of employees to be trained.
One trained person will give access to the Gate Safe Aware installer logo but to secure Premier Installer status you would need to train 80% of your installer work force
Currently Gate Safe does not require delegates to take a refresher course but a number of people have attended a further training session a couple of years after they passed their original training, to refresh their understanding of the key issues that must be considered to deliver a safe and compliant installation. In the future there will be a formal refresher course.
Currently Gate Safe does not require delegates to take a refresher course and provided you pay the annual renewal fee you will have ongoing access to the Gate Safe Aware logo, as long as you continue to comply with the Code of Conduct. However, a number of people have attended a further training session a couple of years after they passed their original training, to refresh their understanding of the key issues that must be considered to deliver a safe and compliant installation. A formal refresher course is planned for the future.
A maximum of £84 plus vat per person although the greater the number of installers the lower the cost
The format is the same but there have been a number of tweaks and minor changes as new information and guidance pertaining to automated gates is developed. The training also evolves in response to the feedback we receive from delegates who have taken the course
the training is accredited by IOSH (Institution of Safety and Health) the biggest professional health and safety membership organisation in the world
You could use the Gate Safe web site to identify installers that have completed the training, or Gate Safe would be pleased to provide names and contact details
The HSE and Gate Safe have worked closely together since 2010. Most recently Gate Safe met with the HSE to run through the training presentation so that the HSE had an improved understanding of the established Gate Safe training offering
As per the earlier response to refresher training, we would recommend that delegates ideally attend a follow up session if it has been some time since their original training session, since as already mentioned, our training is constantly evolving
This is not recommended. It is a well known fact that when someone is trained they are likely to not pick up on all the detail, 80% would be considered a very good uptake. If that 80% understanding were then passed on the next person being trained it is easy to see how quickly the training would become diluted (ie the delegate would only get 80% of 80% (64%) of the understanding)
Just to say that you have taken the training would be no protection from litigation. However, if you have put into practice what you have been advised to do as per the training manual, you will almost certainly not put yourself in a position where you are likely to install an unsafe gate that may become the subject of litigation
Technical help is always available and if Gate Safe does not readily know the answer we will make it our business to seek out the relevant information
Gate Safe
Beverlea, Clavertye,
Elham, Canterbury
Kent. CT4 6YE

t: 01303 840 117

Gate Safe is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1149261). Gate Safe and the Gate Safe logo are registered trade marks of GSSC Ltd.

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